Burning Acre

Burning Acre is an 8x award-winning cannabis bakery located in Columbia, Tennessee. Founded in 2019 and launched in 2021, Burning Acre has quickly become a hot spot! 

We specialize in fresh baked edible treats that are meant to satisfy your hunger!

We offer a variety of products in both Delta-8 "D8" and Delta-9 "D9", THC-O, HHC and more!

 Our products are formulated with state of the art technology to create safe, organic products. Our quality control & advanced Lab Testing give our customer(s) the very best hemp-derived products that nature and science has to offer. 

Founded by award-winning cannabis entrepreneur John Cureton in 2019, Burning Acre is committed to producing high quality hemp-derived products.  Our line of cannabinoid infused baked goods are mindfully made and contain the very best ingredients we can find.


We are dedicated to quality control of our Cannabis oil.  Our products are independently tested, carry the appropriate COA and verified to contain USDA

recommended levels of cannabinoids. 


Our Cannabis Oil is derived from organic, non-GMO hemp crops grown in Tennessee and Kentucky.  They are monitored by experienced staff and harvested with state-of-the-art tools.  Cutting-edge laboratory technology ensures Burning Acre products remain:

  • Contamination-Free

  • Consistent in Quality

  • Produced under GMP control standards to protect accurate concentration of Cannabinoid.  


Burning Acre believes in continuing Cannabis education and supporting the community in which we operate. Our products are proudly made in Columbia, Tennessee in our in-house bakery!